"In '​Devil at My Door'
Polly Franks - who has been referred to as a modern-day Erin Brochovich of ​criminal justice - gives us a first hand account of how a mild mannered REHABILITATED ​ deviant sex offender slipped through the American justice system unscathed.  This  book will not only inspire you but you will learn how one woman made a positive difference within the justice system and her community." 
John Douglas - author New York Times  #1 bestselling book 'Mindhunter.'
​Former chief of the FBI's ​National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime


Devil At My Door Nonfiction Book

​"I'm proud of Polly for telling her story  and standing up for victims everywhere.  Polly's story proves that anyone ​can be a victim."  - John Walsh, ​Host of CNN's 'The Hunt' and cofounder of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 


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​"The real-life story of how Mount Saint Polly  (Franks) erupts to stop a serial rapist and child molester is a most compelling read.  This fiercely determined mother and licensed private investigator  was born for this mission, swatting aside an all-too complacent judicial system that continued to let a habitual sex predator slime his way out of prison time.  The twists and turns in this intensely personal journey will stay with you forever.  Franks is my hero!    

      Diane Dimond,  Journalist/Author/Columnist

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   ​What's more frightening than having a predator stalking your family and terrorizing your community? Finding out you've known him all along ....

​    ​Devil at My Door  is the story of one woman's fight against one of the most prolific sexual predators in American history.  Read how Polly Franks learned to  stalk the stalker - from her wheelchair.   


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"In 'Devil at My Door' Polly Franks gives a first hand account of how a  quiet, charming monster managed to con the American justice system for decades without so much as a scratch.  As the old saying goes, truth is indeed stranger than fiction.  Do yourself a favor; read this book.  You'll never see the world in the same way again."

     Mark Goldman, Co-Founder

Goldman/McCormick Public

Relations - New York.   Former producer Sirius Radio and Court TV.